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PARFAITLISS Finishing case

PARFAITLISS Finishing case

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Recommended for light plasters
- Perfect smoothing

  • Easy to apply and to smooth, without drips. - Consistent thickness of the coating, perfectly flat.
  • Allows high-speed smoothing of large areas with no loss of plaster and minimal sanding work.
  • Professional quality carrying case.

Technical description of the product {product}

  • Comprises: 4 ParfaitLiss'® blades (10, 25, 45 and 60 cm); 1 ParfaitLiss'® pole (2 x 0.50 m); 2 Roll'Enduit® Clip (220 and 80 mm); 1 DécoLiss'® pole (2 x 0.70 m)
  • ParfaitLiss'®: Tempered stainless steel blade - Bi-Flex technology blade - Smoothing without burrs. Roll'Enduit®: Black Polyamide 18 mm fibres - Durable Recommended coatings: Ready-to-use paste plaster, Airless machine plaster, roller plaster. Can be used with certain powder coatings, preferably drying and not setting, and prepared rather fluidly.
  • Poles: Aluminium tube, swivel head, ultra light

Ref 80506

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