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DecoLiss Jointing Tape case

DecoLiss Jointing Tape case

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Clip-on tooling for joint tape installation

  • New Clip'System range: improves the rigidity of the pole / mount / tool assembly
  • Roll'Enduit® - Coating roller Easy to apply and to smooth Consistent thickness of the coating, perfectly flat. Recommended coatings: Ready-to-use paste plaster, Airless machine plaster, roller plaster. Can be used with certain powder coatings, preferably drying and not setting, and prepared rather fluidly. - DécoLiss'®: Bi-Flex technology high performance smoothing blade with PVC plate Fixing and filling of plasterboard jointing tape
  • Professional quality carrying case.

Technical description of the product {product}

  • 9-piece kit: 2 Décoliss'® Hard blades (10 and 30 cm) - 1 Décoliss'® handle - 2 Clip'System poles (2x0.70 m) - 1 DécoLiss'® corner - 3 Roll'Enduit'® Clip (corner 40 mm, 80 and 180 mm)
  • Roll'Enduit®: Black Polyamide 18 mm fibres - Durable 40 mm: plastering roller with extra edge specially for corners 80 mm: 1st pass to fill between the tapered edges 180 mm: 2nd pass to fill in on both sides - DécoLiss'®: 0.4 mm tempered stainless steel blade - Progressive rounded edges Handle for pole can be used with included Decoliss'® handle to choose the working angle - DécoLiss'® corner: Hardened stainless steel blade 0.7 mm, turned edges - Mounted on a ball joint to choose the working angle
  • Pole: Aluminium tube, Swivel head, Ultra light - Universal tip and quick lock system
A_Made in FranceB_OP ProcessClipSytem'®C_Décoliss'®C_Roll'EnduitTempered stainless steelFights against MSDsCleaning and diluting with waterBiFlex DecoLiss' technology
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